Minecrafting is a large parian ware vessel (31 x 28cm) inspired by 17th Century Chinese vases, decorated in low relief with a triptych depicting four boys, three clustered around two laptops on a family sofa playing the popular computer video game, Minecraft, while the fourth boy climbs the walls.



  • 2013, Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London with The Wills Lane Gallery
  • 2015, Siggraph, Hybrid Craft, international show curated by Amit Zoran
  • 2017/18, Reinvented, international touring show curated by Adam Chau
    • Clay Art Centre, Port Chester, NY
    • Clay Studio, Philadelphia


  • 2018, Adam Chau, Digital by Design, Ceramics Monthly, Jan
  • 2016, Iwao Haraguchi, Hybrid Craft, Diva online journal, Vol.40, Summer issue
  • 2015, Amit Zoran, Hybrid Craft: Showcase of Physical and Digital Integration of Design and Craft Skill, Leonardo Special Issue, Vol. 48, No. 4.





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