Using the latest ceramic digital print technology to achieve the best possible quality, Katie offers a bespoke design service for customers who would like something unique to them. Surface pattern designs can be developed from photographs of landscape, flora and fauna: a favourite Cornish cove, a secret swimming place, views from a well trodden and much loved cliff walk, a beautiful churchyard, or an intriguing found object.

Katie can work with existing visual materials such as photographs or create new visuals to use as a starting point for designs. The process varies from project to project, but often involves creating a range of key motifs, developing a colour palette, and settling on the number and types of plates, bowls and platters required. A commission can be anything from a single large platter to a whole dinner service and prices range from £150 to £2000 depending on design specifications. All ware is dishwasher safe.

Most recently Katie has worked for Mirri Damer, celebrated jewellery maker to create the Captured Collection, a unique set of plates, bowls and mugs for Mirri’s beautiful Cornish home. The collection was developed from photographs of Zambia, a place of special significance for Mirri and her family.

See individual pieces from the collection here.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your own unique tableware collection.