New Work for Grays Wharf Opening

Here’s a taste of the fired surfaces of a small new collection of work made for the Grays Wharf opening show – Nov 8th – Dec 22nd 2018. Inspired by traditional Japanese paper stencil designs which are often comprised of a complex arrangement of dots, and dot matrix patterns of early computing, I have used regular dot patterns as a starting point and Adobe Illustrator to layer and disrupt them, developing new dot combinations and introducing a colourful palette.

This work marks a new departure in abstract surface pattern for my work, playing with colour balance and dot arrangements on cylindrical forms. The vessels are cast by hand in a glassy white porcelain body called Parian and the imagery is digitally printed in ceramic glazes which are transferred onto the surface of the form. Each pot is individually decorated using collage techniques and multiple firings to achieve the final result.


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